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@fasterthanlime look for the completion plugin. should be called nvim-cmp. by default the keybind is a weird ctrl command but cmp's wiki has a config example with tab and shift tab

Mundane observations from the week 

@danluu I would guess medical staff are more tired of wearing masks when they do daily than convention attendees that don't usually wear them. It's been a painful experience for me and some people I know during the pandemic at least.

Hopefully there's some research going on for better mask ergonomics, especially with glasses.

@emersion 5 pages blanches si on retire le pipo Je rédige ma thèse.

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Supposed former Amazon driver attempts to explain why you see so many Amazon van blockades in certain areas: trucks leave in bursts and drivers are both on a very tight schedule and have their top speed monitored.

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Modern video game monetization: the most profitable thing to do is to make your game "pay to win" and/or add gambling mechanics and, failing that, maybe try turning the old game off after a year or two.

This pairs nicely with the highest-paying gamer streaming sponsorships (by a very very large margin) being gambling ads because the CLV of a newly addicted gambler dominates the CLV of other kind of customer among ads you can legally run (

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#FDroid in an #EU "Pilot project — De-monopolized access to EU applications"... "The focus of the pilot project includes EU institutions releasing their apps on existing alternative app stores, including f-droid that aims at promoting apps released under open source licenses"

@thunderbird disagree because it depends on the context. eg you'll probably want plain text for work emails, for archiving purposes, etc.

In most cases though I agree with others e2ee should be the default. It's a bit sad the setup is not seamless and automatic.

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The Continuity of Splines is now on YouTube!!

it has been a year in the making, goodness ;-;🎉 I hope you'll like it ❤

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Did you know? All my projects ship with man pages. They are your first go-to when looking for info on how something works, or if a feature is supported or not.

Having man pages may seem obvious. It certainly is to me. But I've come to understand that a lot of applications now a days don't have it.

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Und weil wir gestern etwas gepennt haben, kommt der 2. Dezember direkt hinterher:

Unser #Adventswunsch: Apps, die die Privatssphäre der Nutzer wirklich respektieren. Deswegen findet ihr hinter dem zweiten Türchen des #SECUSO Adventskalenders unsere #PrivacyFriendlyApps! Für alle, die unsere Apps noch nicht kennen: Insgesamt haben wir 28 Apps im PlayStore und auf FDroid verfügbar. Damit wir diese auch weiterhin aktuell halten können, suchen wir PFA-Paten!

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How did the hacker get away from the police? 

He ransomware.

@emersion Any type that implements Deref (eg Rc, Box, Pin, and references).

ptr2struct.field is desugared to (*ptr2struct).field and there is no ptr2struct->field notation.

@emersion Playing with rust and pointer arithmetic, what a brave man.

Be careful about offset_of. It will UB, should $field contain any kind of smart pointer, because field access automatically dereferences variables to the struct type.
rip C arrows

This looks great otherwise!!! I'm sure "Beyond Memory Safety with Types (2016)" from will come in handy!

Good luck!

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MNT Pocket Reform is coming!

Here are all the technical details that are nailed down so far:

You can also sign up for email updates on the project at the end of the page.

Ana Dantas returned for industrial design. The snazzy 3D art was done by Philipp Broemme. Illustrations by Anri Hennies.


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